Liquiproof Disinfectant 50ml

Liquiproof Disinfectant 50ml

Liquiproof Disinfectant

Helps keep the bad smells & infections away

Smart antimicrobial agents destroy microorganisms and prevent them from growing

Not only deodorises but freshens with a unique scent we like to call 'Fresh Alaska'

Creates a long term (up to 10 weeks) resistant environment

Increased hygiene and safety

Maintains breathability

For trainers, sneakers, football boots and shoes, xoxing gloves...

Liquiproof Protector

Founded in 2011, Liquiproof develops innovative products that can offer protection from the everyday damage and accidents that occur in our hectic day-to-day lives. Their leitmotiv : to keep people looking smart and feeling good everyday, while saving them money with the use of this remarkable technology.


Step 1. Ensure the material is as clean as possible

Step 2. Hold the spray bottle upright and spray evenly until the surface feels damp. We recommend allowing to dry for up to 4 hours.

Step 3. Apply every 2 days for the first 28 days, or after the material has been washed.


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